Conserving Fish and Aquatic Life

At Idaho Power, we stand firm in our commitment to caring for the environment and balancing production of clean hydropower with abundant natural resources in Idaho and eastern Oregon. We are dedicated to better understanding the effects our facilities have on aquatic life and the Snake River’s ecosystem.

Our commitment to protecting native fish began with the salmon and steelhead hatchery program more than 50 years ago, shortly after construction of Brownlee Dam.

Additional programs protect natural populations of organisms, from the tiny Bliss Rapids snail to the prehistoric white sturgeon and powerful Chinook salmon.

Our research continues, such as through fish population monitoring, and our commitment to the aquatic environment remains strong. Our expertise in fish culture and other aquatic conservation programs will continue to benefit our region and communities, today and tomorrow.

View Our Fish Story brochure. A Bass and Crappie brochure examines the impact of Brownlee water levels on these game fish.

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