Oregon Agricultural Irrigation Rates

Low rates are a cornerstone of energy affordability.

  • Rates have been designed to promote energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Load-factor pricing encourages efficient use of energy infrastructure.
  • Load-factor pricing reduces cross subsidies among irrigation customers.
  • Load-factor pricing will financially benefit customers with a high load-factor regardless of their participation in the company’s Irrigation Peak Rewards and/or Irrigation Efficiency Rewards programs.

To learn how in-season load-factor pricing can affect you, see the section below.

Load-Factor Energy Pricing (In-Season months only)

Instead of applying a single uniform energy rate to all in-season energy sales, the load-factor energy pricing mechanism divides the monthly kilowatt-hour sales into two segments:

  • Segment 1 – First 164 kWh per kW of Demand
  • Segment 2 – All Other kWh per kW of Demand

For example, if one month a customer has a Billing Demand of 10 kW and energy usage of 4,000 kWh, the energy portion of the bill would include:

  • 1,640 kWh at the Segment 1 energy rate (164 * 10 kW)
  • 2,360 kWh at the Segment 2 energy rate (4,000 kWh total usage – 1,640 kWh Segment 1)
Monthly Rates – Secondary Service
(All Other Months)
Service Charge $16.85 $3.00
Demand Charge (per kW) $7.76 $0.00
In-Season Energy (per kWh)
First 164 kWh (per kW) 7.9602¢
All Other kWh 7.6030¢
Out-Season Energy (per kWh) 8.2444¢